Ondřej Kolafa JavaScript Developer

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About me

I am a JavaScript developer based in Prague, Czech Republic. I work mostly with Node.js and with AngularJS and Vue.js frontend frameworks. I am interested in agile, but not only as a developer. I even have PSM II and PSPO I certificates.

  • Node.js (express.js, sequelize)
  • AngularJS, Vue.js, unfortunately I don't spend too much time with React
  • Git
  • Bootstrap
  • Less
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Scrum
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Remote work (efficient cooperation in distributed teams)
  • Code reviews and writing (not only) unit tests

Other experience and skills:

  • Studied: Financial Mathematics and Econometrics
  • Statistical software: R and Wolfram Mathematica
  • English, Spanish

Current Pet Project


I could not find the nearest container to recycle metals, so I spend a few hours on this. It is just PoC, but I hope I will have time to improve it a bit.

Tenant payments tracker - not public, but will gladly present it, if somebody is interested

If you need to check 20 tenants if they are paying on time, you definitely know it is no fun. But if all the payments are automatically downloaded from the bank and your tenants are notified about late payments, it's completely different story.

Professional Experience

MSD (since June 2016)

Working on Node.js app for IT Automation team.

Alpiq Energy SE (September 2014 – May 2016)

Working on frontend for trading software. Taking care of some Oracle DBs using PL/SQL.

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Freelance work

It has been some time, but I used to create web pages, here are some examples: